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    Kindred Hospital uses an interdisciplinary team approach to care that helps our patients return to the highest quality of life possible. In addition to our core services, we offer:

    Day Surgery

    Our hospital offers day surgery as a convenient, efficient alternative for patients who require elective surgery. Our day surgery unit is staffed by skilled and compassionate professionals who understand the unique needs of our patients. Their focus is on your comfort and timely recovery.

    Surgical Services

    Surgical services at Kindred Hospital Louisville include outpatient and same-day admission, surgical support for podiatry, pain management, endoscopy and cervical/lumbar spinal procedures. Pre-admission testing, surgery, recovery, admission and discharge all take place on the same floor of the hospital.

    Our spacious operating rooms and pre- and post-operative units are conveniently located on the second floor of the hospital. Our operating rooms are well equipped and provide a safe and comfortable environment for patients undergoing surgical or other interventional procedures.

    Every patient scheduled for surgery receives personalized care, including a preoperative informational telephone call to provide an opportunity to answer questions and give personalized instructions.  Our covered front entrance and free parking provide convenient access and escort to the surgery department. After surgery, outpatients are personally escorted to the front door and assisted into their vehicle.

    Kindred Hospital Louisville offers surgery procedures including podiatric surgery, general surgery, endoscopy, pain management surgery.  Procedures are scheduled in advance through the surgeon’s office. To contact us please do so by phone or fax.

    Phone: (502) 627-1581
    Fax: (502) 625-4522


    The laboratory staff is responsible for conducting tests your physician orders. Using our advanced automated instruments, tests are performed accurately and quickly, the results of which are usually available on the same day. The laboratory conducts various blood and urine tests, ordered by your physician, for continued care or diagnosis. Laboratory services are provided for outpatients and inpatients.

    Our laboratory is accredited by CAP, and AABB.  The following services are available: chemistry, microbiology, hematology, coagulation and blood bank services.


    Your clinical treatment is the chief responsibility of your physician. As a member of the medical staff, your physician makes the necessary arrangements for laboratory services, X-rays, medications, special diets and any other treatment or service.

    The primary admitting physicians at Kindred Hospital Louisville are specialists in internal medicine, pulmonology and physiatry. We have a full team of specialists available on a consultative basis as your condition warrants.


    Nursing services are provided around the clock to meet each patient’s unique needs. Through the Department of Nursing, care plans are created in conjunction with physicians, therapists and specialists in other disciplines.

    Respiratory Therapists

    Under the direction of the medical staff, our team of respiratory therapists evaluates, treats and manages patients with cardiopulmonary problems. They also provide preventive care.


    An integral part of the patient care team is our staff of licensed pharmacists. They prepare medications and provide special dietary supplements necessary for proper nutrition.

    Food Services and Nutrition Support

    The goal of our dietitian is to strive to meet your nutritional needs and prepare diets as ordered by your physician. The dietitian also performs periodic nutritional assessments and monitors your nutrition plan. Please make the dietitian aware of your food preferences and any food allergies you may have.

    Social Services

    A wide range of social services – including counseling, discharge planning, referrals to community agencies and securing medical equipment for home use – is provided. Family members are also invited to take part in counseling.


    The radiology department plays an important role in diagnosing many illnesses. Advanced equipment enables the staff to provide a variety of X-rays and diagnostic services.

    The imaging center provides the following services: computerized tomography (CT), nuclear medicine, radiography, ultrasound, SieScape (wide-angle ultrasound), CT-guided biopsy and aspiration, dental implant imaging, mammography, bone mineral density scans and electrocardiograms (EKGs).

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